LOFAR-UK, at the time it was set up, was the largest astronomy collaboration in the UK, involving scientists from 22 partner universities (Aberystwyth, Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hertfordshire, Kent, Leicester, Liverpool John Moores, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Open University, Oxford, Portsmouth, Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL), Sheffield, Southampton, Sussex, and UCL) as well as STFC/RAL.

LOFAR-UK, together with STFC supplied funding and manpower for the construction of the UK LOFAR station at Chilbolton (the Rawlings Array). Now that construction is complete, LOFAR-UK has three main roles:

  • Scientific operation of the Rawlings Array, both as part of the International LOFAR Telescope and for stand-alone uses
  • Co-ordination of UK science interests in LOFAR
  • Support for UK LOFAR data analysis through the LOFAR-UK Computing Facility
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For more details on our activities see our astronomers' pages.